The apprehension of having a rhinoplasty treatment soon disappeared for Zoe, who after surgery at Spire Parkway Hospital by Mr Bruce Richard, now feels happy and confident with her new look.

"A friend recommended Mr Richard to me and I’m glad I came to see him at Spire Parkway Hospital. I found Mr Richard’s recommendations and treatment to be spot on. He knew exactly what he was doing, I felt relaxed and comfortable and I knew I was in good hands.

I was shocked at how quick the recovery was. I was apprehensive about having rhinoplasty as I thought I would be in pain for weeks. Not once did I feel in uncomfortable pain. I was happy with the service I received at Spire Parkway Hospital; everyone was so nice and helpful.

I feel very lucky that I chose the best; Mr Bruce Richard is an amazing surgeon and I felt confident in his abilities. Since the surgery I feel more confident and happy within myself. I can't stop smiling at my new nose!"

- Zoe Berry

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