How to book a consultation with Mr. Richard?

If you are considering cosmetic surgery and wish to book an initial consultation with Mr. Richard you will need to contact one of the following hospitals to arrange a meeting:

Spire Parkway Hospital                        0121 704 5530
1 Damson Parkway
B91 2P                                                     

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation fee is £150 and is paid directly through the hospital at which the consultation is booked.

What to expect?

During the initial consultation Mr. Richard will discuss with you your reasons for considering cosmetic surgery, and your expectations and concerns. The proposed treatment will be discussed at length so that you are fully informed about what takes place during the operation, the recovery time necessary, the potential risks that are involved and the final result.

The consultation lasts about half an hour and will consist of a clinical examination and a review of your medical history. You will then be provided with written information and advice about the specific procedure and the anaesthetic involved.

By booking an initial consultation with Mr. Richard you are not making a decision or commitment to cosmetic surgery. The appointment is based solely on providing you with expert knowledge and assessment in order to help you make a well-informed decision. Additionally, the arrangement of an initial consultation does not mean you are suitable for the cosmetic procedure you are interested in. This decision will be based on Mr. Richard’s full assessment following the consultation.

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